Zybax Ultra - Odour Eliminator & Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Fresh Mint Fr – The Bedwetting Doctor

Zybax Ultra - Odour Eliminator & Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Fresh Mint Fragrance


  • Zybax Ultra is the ultimate odour eliminator. Containing no harmful chemicals, Zybax Ultra is totally environment-friendly but ultra-powerful.
  • Instant action Odourbond™ uses specially formulated odour bonding reagents to attack odours on a molecular level; changing the structure so you can no longer smell it.
  • Highly effective against urine odour - once Odourbond™ has got to work, Zybax friendly bacteria start to multiply- releasing enzymes and breaking down the waste and removing the cause of the odour – therefore eliminating the source of the problem.
  • Zybax uses specially developed cleaners that are tough on stubborn soiling – cleaning and removing dirt deposits.
  • Once the Odourbond™ bacteria and cleaning actions have worked, Zybax will leave a fresh mint fragrance; giving total confidence and satisfaction that any area is clean, odour-free and fresh.
  • Ready to use (no need to dilute) in a 750ml spray bottle - simply spray on any surface not normally harmed by water such as carpets, upholstery, bedding etc

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