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Parent Support Pack



2 x Malem MO12 Wireless Receivers

1 x Malem MO12 Wireless Transmitter

  • Provide full support for your child on their way to becoming dry at night with our Parent Support Pack
  • Ideal for deep sleepers, children worried to get up in the night by themselves, or children likely to ignore the alarm when it sounds
  • A Malem MO12 Wireless alarm system (1 x Receiver + 1 x Transmitter) + extra Receiver - save compared to when bought separately
  • Signal sent to both Receivers unit from the Transmitter (worn on child's underwear) on the first signs of moisture
  • The extra Receiver can be placed in parent's bedroom - alarm sounds in both rooms upon activation, waking both child and parent
  • Receiver in child's bedroom can be placed on a bedside table or across the room, to ensure that your child gets up to reset the alarm
  • Signal between transmitter and receiver has a long range of 25 metres
  • Select one of 8 single tones or the random 8-tone setting to sound when child wets
  • Volume control on the receiver unit
  • Batteries included so you can start curing bedwetting straight away (no mains electricity required, meaning the receiver unit can be placed anywhere in the room)
  • Available in green
Product code: MO12PSP

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