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Malem Bedwetting Alarms

Malem Bedwetting Alarms

Malem have been leading the way and setting the standards and bedwetting alarms for nearly 40 years.

Dr Malem invented the very first body-worn bedwetting alarm in 1979. Since then, Malem bedwetting alarms have become the most popular, successful and respected alarms in the world.  As a sign of their success and reliability in permanently curing bedwetting, Malem bedwetting alarms have been awarded the contract to supply the NHS for over a decade.

The multi-award winning Malem bedwetting alarms provide an extremely safe, durable and user-friendly solution to bedwetting. The alarms are available in a variety of styles, from wearable body-worn devices to wireless alarms. The variety of alarms have a range of special features, allowing you to select the perfect alarm to meet your and your child's needs.

There are 3 main types of Malem bedwetting alarm:




All Malem alarms ultimately work in the same way, by training the child to exert autonomic control over their bladder, to cure bedwetting. The alarm that is best for your child depends on your personal requirements. Read below to find out about the different alarms in the Malem range, or view our comparison table to help you choose the best alarm for your child.

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Wearable Alarms

wearable alarms

The Malem wearable alarms consist of 2 components: an alarm and a moisture sensor. The alarm is a small, lightweight and durable box that comes in a variety of colours and is clipped onto the child's pyjama top/t-shirt near the collar bone. The moisture sensor is clipped to the outside of the child's underwear. On urination the highly sensitive sensor detects the moisture and activates the alarm, which gives out a loud sound and a flashing red light. These alerts continue until the moisture sensor is removed from the underwear and the alarm’s reset button pressed, ensuring the child wakes up.

The wearable alarm range consists of:

The MO3 Audio alarm is the smallest and lightest of the wearable alarms. It has an audio alarm and flashing red light, which are both activated when the attached sensor detects moisture. The alarm is available as either a single tone audio or an 8-tone audio alarm. The single tone audio alarms make the same sound every time they are activated and are available in red, green, orange. The 8-tone alarm makes a different sound automatically on each activation. This helps to prevent a child from getting used to the same alarm sound, which can make it harder for the child to wake up to (sometimes called ‘auditory accommodation’). The 8-tone alarm is available in yellow and camouflage.

Within the Malem MO3 range is the special Personal Continence Trainer alarm (PCT). This alarm is specially made for those individuals who are either hard of hearing or want greater privacy whilst using the alarm. The PCT has no audio setting but instead vibrates strongly on activation, waking the child. It is available in turquoise.

The MO4 Ultimate alarm combines the audio alarm and flashing light with vibration. This system has been designed to wake even the deepest sleeper by providing multiple sensory stimuli. In addition to the audio alarm, a vibration setting can be selected to activate at the same time as, or in replacement of, the audio alarm. All these options are available in the same alarm. This gives the user greater freedom and flexibility and allows adjustments for different settings and situations. The silent vibration mode means that the alarm can be used in shared settings, such as in dormitories, whilst the audio settings can be used at home. The alarm's audio alarm can be single tone or 8-tone. The single tone audio (+ light + vibration) alarm is available in blue, pink and purple. The 8-tone audio (+ light + vibration) alarm is available in gold.

The MO4S Ultimate Selectable alarm is a very versatile alarm that is equivalent to 10 alarms in 1. As well as sound and vibration settings (as for the MO4 Ultimate alarm), users can select any one of 8 individual alarm sounds to consistently sound on activation. Alternatively, the 8-tone setting can be selected, which randomly plays one of the 8 alarm tones on each successive activation. These alarms are available in magenta, royal blue and camouflage.

The MO5 Ultimate Recordable alarm is the world's first bedwetting alarm that allows you to record your own sounds or audio message. Once recorded, your own personal message or sound can be selected to sound on detection of moisture. Within the same alarm, pre-programmed audio sounds are also available and can be selected instead of the recorded personal message/sound. The alarm also has a vibration setting which can be used in addition to or instead of the audio options. This alarm is available in red and royal blue.

The MO17 Ultimate Multi-Choice alarm is the most advanced and versatile alarm in the world. It allows  the user to record three separate recordable messages or sounds. Within the same alarm there is also a choice of 20 pre-recorded specially selected melodies as well as the 8 alarm sounds. It also has a vibration option, making the MO17 Multi-Choice alarm suitable for any situation or environment. The MO17 can be used as a body-worn alarm or alternatively as a bed-side unit.


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Wireless Alarms

wireless alarms

The Malem MO12 Wireless alarm is ideal for children who prefer not to wear pyjamas to bed. This alarm consists of a sensor/transmitter and a receiver that communicate wirelessly with each other. The magnetic transmitter clips to the underpants' waistline and the attached sensor is clipped to the outside of the underpants, where urine is likely to be expelled. The receiver is placed in the same room, in a position where the child has to get up out of bed to press the alarm's reset button. Additional receivers can also be purchased and placed in the parents’ room.

When your child wets the bed, the receiver makes a loud alarm sound and will only stop if the reset button is pressed. This makes sure that your child wakes up and gets out of bed. The receiver is an 8-tone alarm, which randomly selects a different sound each time it is activated, helping to reduce auditory accommodation.

This alarm is available in green.

Within the wireless alarm range is the MO15 Wireless alarm. This is a body worn transmitter which can be used with any sensor (Easy-clip, Standard and Bed-Mat). The transmitter sends a signal on activation to a distant receiver unit which then alarms. One receiver can be used with up to seven different transmitters, making it ideal for monitoring multiple users at one time. This is useful in a care home, nursing home or special school environment.


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Bedside Alarms

bedside alarms

The Malem MO6 Ultimate Bed-Side alarm is ideal for children who do not want anything attached to them whilst they sleep. The Malem Bed-Side alarm is the loudest bedwetting alarm in the Malem range.

The Malem Bed-Side alarm consists of a Bed-Mat sensor, which is placed beneath a towel or cotton sheet for comfort under the child whilst they sleep. This Bed-Mat is connected to the Bed-Side alarm, which can be placed on a table next to the bed, via a cord. On urination, the Bed-Mat detects the moisture and activates the Malem Bed-Side alarm unit, resulting in a loud audio alarm. The alarm can be selected to be either a single sound or an 8-tone setting, reducing auditory accommodation.

The Bed-Side alarm is available in red.




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