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At what age should my child be dry at night? 25 Jan 2018

By the age of 4, most children have learnt how to control their bladder during the day, but night time dryness usually takes a little longer to achieve...

All children reach dry nights at different ages


The Bedwetting Alphabet 01 Aug 2016

This August, we're writing our own Bedwetting Alphabet!

The Bedwetting Alphabet


Bedwetting In Numbers 11 May 2016

How many children wet the bed?

What age does it become a problem if a child wets?

How long should a bedwetting alarm be worn for?

….Find out in this blog post, which looks at bedwetting in numbers!

Bedwetting In Numbers


Bedwetting Myths Busted 20 Apr 2016

In this blog post we look at some bedwetting myths that may be slowing down your child's progress to becoming dry at night.....
Bedwetting Myths


"Bedwetting" Defined 08 Mar 2016

In this post we aim to clarify some of the terminology that relates to bedwetting...

Bedwetting Definitions


How does an alarm cure bedwetting? 10 Feb 2016

How does a bedwetting alarm cure bedwetting?

All children start off as bedwetters. By around the age of 5, most children have developed the ability to control their bladders whilst they are asleep, enabling them to stay dry until morning. However, for some children this natural link between the brain and the bladder can take a little longer to develop. A bedwetting alarm works by speeding up this brain-bladder link in children aged 5+ that are still wetting at night......


How Common Is Bedwetting? 18 Jan 2016

How common is bedwetting

Bedwetting is very normal for younger children – in fact, around 30% of 4 year olds are thought to wet the bed. It is only considered to be a problem after the age of 5. Treatment is recommended after the age of 5 if bedwetting is troublesome and, in particular, for children that regularly wet the bed beyond the age of 7...




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