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Q&A #4

In our latest Bedwetting Q&A, we answer these 2 questions from parents:

Q: I’m getting mixed messages – should I increase or decrease how much my son drinks?

Q: My son turns his alarm off, what can I do?

Bedwetting Q&A


Fluid Intake: DOs and DON’Ts

Confused about fluid intake? Here we share some simple DOs and DON'Ts for making sure you are following the right steps on the way to dry nights

Fluid intake


What should my child drink?

If your child is using a bedwetting alarm, they should continue to drink lots of fluids to keep their bladder strong and encourage them to go to the toilet regularly in the daytime. But what should they actually be drinking?

The Bedwetting Doctor - water


Should I restrict how much my child drinks?

How much should my bedwetting child drink?

Parents often think that they should restrict the amount that their child drinks if they are bedwetting. However, it is important not to restrict your child’s fluid intake if they are regularly wetting their bed. If you limit your child’s fluid intake, your child’s bladder will adjust to holding less fluid. This means that your child will need to empty their bladder more regularly.....




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