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Bedwetting during the coronavirus pandemic

We are now in our third lockdown since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. This unusual time has been an intense period of stress and disruption to children, which has unfortunately led to an increase in both daytime toileting accidents and night-time bedwetting in children.

Stress related bedwetting during the coronavirus lockdown


Daytime and Night-Time Wetting

Night-time bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) can occur with or without daytime wetting (diurnal enuresis). The processes and treatment involved in these two types of wetting can differ.


Night-time wetting


Toilet Training At School

Don’t lose the good work that you’ve developed with your child’s toilet habits over the summer! The Bedwetting Doctor now sells the popular range of Malem Vibro-Watches. These can be used to encourage and remind your child to go to the toilet regularly during the school day...

Malem Vibrowatch




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