Toilet Training At School

Don’t lose the good work that you’ve developed with your child’s toilet habits over the summer! The Bedwetting Doctor now sells the popular range of Malem Vibro-Watches. These can be used to encourage and remind your child to go to the toilet regularly during the school day.

Timed Reminders

When children are busy at school or having fun playing with friends, sometimes they simply “forget” to go to the toilet. The next thing, it’s too late and they are being sent home in a spare pair of trousers…. A vibro-watch is useful for these children as it enables you to programme in up to 12 reminders. When the watch alerts your child, this will remind them that they should go to the toilet - and prevent embarrassing accidents from occurring!

Daytime wetting

Vibration & Sound

The Malem Vibro-Watch has both sound and vibration settings. This allows greater versatility such that the watch can be set to sound at home, for example, and vibration at school. This means that the watch is discrete and reduces embarrassment when they are reminded to go to the bathroom.

Malem Vibro-Watch

Other Uses

The Vibro-Watch is not just for reminding a child to go to the toilet. As well as being a functioning watch, the Vibro-Watch also has a stopwatch function. The watch can be used to set reminders for taking medication or for behavioural modification programmes too.

Malem Vibrowatch Alarm


So the Malem Vibro-Watch has plenty of uses. Its main purpose is to be a helpful reminder throughout the day for a child to remember to go to the toilet at regular intervals. The option to have sound and/or vibration alerts means that the watch can be worn in a variety of settings, including at school. And the choice of 6 bright colours means that they will enjoy wearing it! The Bedwetting Doctor