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What settings should I use on my bedwetting alarm? 31 Jan 2020

The huge range of models of bedwetting alarms available mean that there are many different options for different settings. What are the key features of these different settings and how can they help to achieve dry nights?

What settings should I use on my bedwetting alarm?


How to support your child on their way to dry nights 10 May 2019

Every parent wants the best for their child, so it can be difficult to watch your child suffer with bedwetting...

Motivation and rewards


When should I stop using the bedwetting alarm? 20 Mar 2019

All children take a different length of time to respond to the bedwetting alarm treatment. Some children see results after activating the alarm just a handful of times, whilst others may take a few months to learn to control their bladder overnight.

When should I stop using the bedwetting alarm?


Daytime and Night-Time Wetting 21 Feb 2019

Night-time bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) can occur with or without daytime wetting (diurnal enuresis). The processes and treatment involved in these two types of wetting can differ.


Night-time wetting


Q&A #4 21 Nov 2018

In our latest Bedwetting Q&A, we answer these 2 questions from parents:

Q: I’m getting mixed messages – should I increase or decrease how much my son drinks?

Q: My son turns his alarm off, what can I do?

Bedwetting Q&A


Auditory Accommodation 12 Sep 2018

You may have seen the term “auditory accommodation” used in the descriptions of some bedwetting alarms. What is it and what can be done about it? 

Auditory accommodation


3 Ways To Succeed With A Bedwetting Alarm 01 Jun 2018

Alarms are the most successful long-term cure for bedwetting. To ensure success with the bedwetting alarm, these are some of our top tips...


3 Ways To Succeed With A Bedwetting Alarm


Encouraging your child to wear a bedwetting alarm 02 Mar 2018

Alarm treatment is recommended for children aged 5 if they want to become dry. If they seem disinterested at this age, it may be better to wait a little while until they feel ready to become dry. Once a child reaches the age of 7, if they are not regularly achieving dry nights then guidelines state that they should certainly participate in bedwetting treatment...

Encouraging your child to wear a bedwetting alarm


Should I choose a wearable or wireless alarm? 20 Jun 2017

To maximise a bedwetting alarm’s effectiveness, it is important to choose the right alarm to ensure that it suits each individual child. Our alarms fall into two broad categories: wearable alarms and wireless alarms. When choosing which alarm would suit your child best, this is the first decision to make.

Wearable Alarm


Do children wake up to standard alarm sounds? 28 Feb 2017

Recent research has shown that 80% of children sleep right through typical loud smoke alarms. What does this mean for bedwetting alarms?

Voice Is Best


How successful are bedwetting alarms? 25 Jan 2017

Bedwetting alarms are recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as the first-line treatment for bedwetting in children aged 5-19. But why are alarms considered to be the best bedwetting treatment for children?The Bedwetting Doctor READ MORE

How to ensure long-term success with a bedwetting alarm 09 Dec 2016

Bedwetting alarms have consistently been shown to be the best treatment for achieving a long term cure for bedwetting, with the majority of children who use alarm becoming permanently dry. We recommend taking a further step in the bedwetting alarm treatment to ensure long-term dryness...

How to ensure long-term success with a bedwetting alarm


Using a bedwetting alarm for more than 1 child 17 Nov 2016

All Malem alarms stocked by The Bedwetting Doctor have been especially designed to allow hygienic use between multiple children....

One bedwetting sensor per child


Why we recommend not wearing pull-ups when using a bedwetting alarm 26 Oct 2016

You may have noticed us mention that we don’t recommend wearing pull-ups during the bedwetting alarm treatment. Why?

Why we recommend not wearing pull-ups when using a bedwetting alarm


My child is a deep sleeper 29 Sep 2016

Parents are often concerned that their child cannot be cured of their bedwetting because they are a deep sleeper. This is not the case – with the use of the right alarm and by following The Bedwetting Doctor’s top tips, deep sleepers can become dry at night in the same way as any other child...

Deep sleeper bedwetting


Bedwetting Alarm Olympics 17 Aug 2016

This is the Bedwetting Alarm Olympics! The world's best bedwetting alarms are going head to head in a range of events, testing their features to their limits! Which alarms will win gold.....?
The Bedwetting Alarm Olympics

How to stay motivated on the way to becoming dry at night 15 Aug 2016

Here are some of our top tips for staying motivated during the bedwetting alarm treatment, because persisting will give your child the best chance of becoming permanently dry at night…

The Bedwetting Doctor Motivation


Starting to use a bedwetting alarm: top 5 tips 11 Jul 2016

Here's our guide to getting started with the bedwetting alarm treatment...

Getting started with the bedwetting alarm treatment


The different ways an alarm can wake up a bedwetting child 08 Jun 2016

There are a wide range of bedwetting alarms available. The most basic models alert by playing just a single alarm sound. More sophisticated designs offer variable alarm tones, different sensory stimuli, like vibration, and even options to record personalised messages. But what’s the advantage to these additional features? 

Malem Bedwetting Alarms


Making Progress With A Progress Chart 19 May 2016

Progress charts are an important part of the bedwetting alarm treatment, helping your child to reach dry nights as quickly as possible. But how should they be used and why are they important?

Bedwetting progress chart


Does my child need a bedwetting alarm? 04 May 2016

Are you wondering if your child needs a bedwetting alarm? Here we cover some of the key points to think about when considering whether a bedwetting alarm is right for your child.Does my child need a bedwetting alarm?


6 Simple Steps To Take When The Bedwetting Alarm Sounds 15 Mar 2016

We realise that you might be a bit bleary eyed when your child’s bedwetting alarm goes off in the middle of the night. Here we highlight 6 simple steps to take when the alarm sounds. This should help to make it as easy as possible for you and your child to get the most out of the bedwetting alarm treatment and achieve dry nights as quickly as possible!

Malem Bedwetting Alarms


What sensor should my child use? 25 Feb 2016

Malem Bedwetting Sensor

A bedwetting alarm system consists of 2 components: the alarm and the sensor. The sensor detects the first drop of urine and the alarm alerts your child to wake up when this happens. We’ve previously discussed the key things to consider when choosing a bedwetting alarm but it is also important to make sure that the sensor you choose is the right one for your child.......


How does an alarm cure bedwetting? 10 Feb 2016

How does a bedwetting alarm cure bedwetting?

All children start off as bedwetters. By around the age of 5, most children have developed the ability to control their bladders whilst they are asleep, enabling them to stay dry until morning. However, for some children this natural link between the brain and the bladder can take a little longer to develop. A bedwetting alarm works by speeding up this brain-bladder link in children aged 5+ that are still wetting at night......




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