Making Progress With A Progress Chart

Progress charts are an important part of the bedwetting alarm treatment, helping your child to reach dry nights as quickly as possible. But how should they be used and why are they important?

Bedwetting progress charts

Why use a progress chart?

Progress charts allow both you and your child to stay motivated during the journey to becoming dry at night. Sometimes it can seem frustrating if your child has not become dry as soon as they start wearing a bedwetting alarm, but a progress chart helps you to see that often more progress has been made than you realise (also see this post on the different signs of progress).

Additionally, a progress chart helps your child to understand that their ultimate goal is to become dry at night. They should look forward to ticking off the box on the progress chart each morning and seeing how well they are doing.

Keeping a progress chart

All alarms that we sell in our online shop come with a free progress chart. Alternatively, you can print a free progress chart yourself here.

Stick the progress chart up in a prominent position – in your child’s bedroom, on the bathroom door or on the fridge. It needs to be somewhere that it can be seen clearly every day.

Each morning when you wake up, you and your child can decide whether the night was “wet”, “slightly wet” or “dry”. Tick the box or use a sticker to mark the day and whether the night was wet or dry. Watch to see if your child can achieve more dry ticks than wet ones!

TOP TIP – if you see periods of time on the progress chart when your child is only getting “wet” ticks, think whether there might be a common cause, e.g. a certain drink, that could be removed from their diet to help speed up their progress.

Dry nights

When 14 “dry” ticks in a row have been achieved, the bedwetting alarm can be removed! To celebrate this fantastic achievement, download this certificate here and present it to your child as a reward for this amazing result!

Bedwetting certificate for dry nights


By using a progress chart, you and your child will be able to see improvements on their way to becoming dry at night. Alongside wearing a bedwetting alarm, this motivation will help your child reach dry nights permanently! The Bedwetting Doctor