The different ways an alarm can wake up a bedwetting child

There are a wide range of bedwetting alarms available. The most basic models alert by playing just a single alarm sound. More sophisticated designs offer variable alarm tones, different sensory stimuli, like vibration, and even options to record personalised messages. But what’s the advantage to these additional features? 

Single Sound

Malem Audio Bedwetting Alarm

At the lower end of the bedwetting alarm market, the most basic alarms are those that alert by sound only. Although these alarms have no additional features, these alarms provide an affordable option for curing bedwetting. The main advantage of single sound alarms is that they are generally small and lightweight - the Malem (MO3) Audio Alarm is the smallest and lightest bedwetting alarm in the world!


Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm

If the same sound plays each time the alarm is activated, a child might become used to this sound and start to ignore it. This is called “auditory accommodation” and can restrict the effectiveness of the alarm treatment for some children. To overcome this problem, a range of 8-tone alarms have been developed, including the yellow Malem (MO3) Audio alarm, the gold Malem (MO4) Ultimate alarm and all Malem (MO4S) Ultimate Selectable alarms. These alarms cycle through 8 different alarm tones, which means that a different sound is played each time the alarm is activated.


Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm

Many parents comment that their bedwetting child is a deep sleeper. To ensure that they are woken by the alarm on the first signs of wetting, The Bedwetting Doctor sells a number of alarms that also alert by vibration, such as the Malem (MO4) Ultimate and Malem (MO4S) Ultimate Selectable alarms. The multiple sensory stimuli of sound and vibration is very effective in waking up even the deepest sleepers.

An additional advantage of these vibrating alarms is that a “vibration only” option can also be selected. This is ideal if your child sometimes needs to use the alarm in a more discreet manner, such as in a shared room or when on a school trip.

If the alarm is to be used by a child that is hard of hearing, the added stimulation of vibration is also an excellent option. The Malem PCT, which has no sound and only alerts by vibrating, may also be a good choice in these instances.


Malem Deluxe Bedwetting Alarm

The most advanced bedwetting alarms, like the new Malem (MO24) Deluxe alarm, allow you to record a personalised message or piece of music. Being woken up by a familiar voice or favourite song can be reassuring for a child during the night. Additionally, it has been shown that a familiar voice (e.g. parent’s voice) is particularly effective in waking up a child.

The recordable alarms are also ideal for children with special needs, as clear instructions can be recorded to sound when the alarm is activated.

So it’s clear that there are significant advantages to the various models of bedwetting alarms available. Luckily, The Bedwetting Doctor stocks a complete range of alarms, from simple audio only, to luxury recordable alarms with all the bells and whistles you could want! The most important thing is to choose the alarm that is best for your child.

If you’d like more help in choosing the right alarm, take a look at our comparison table, read this blog post, or drop us an e-mail: The Bedwetting Doctor