Bedwetting Alarm Olympics

This is the Bedwetting Alarm Olympics! The world's best bedwetting alarms are going head to head in a range of events, testing their features to their limits! Which alarms will win gold.....?


Loudest bedwetting alarm
Event 1 looks at the loudest bedwetting alarm. It's important that the alarm wakes up your child on the very first signs of wetting to train their brain to recognise when their bladder is full. The winners are...
Malem Bedside bedwetting alarm
This bedside alarm is the loudest alarm in the Malem range. But don't worry, it does have a volume control if you want to turn it down a bit!
Malem Wireless bedwetting alarm
The wireless Malem alarm can be placed on the other side of the bedroom, to ensure that your child gets out of bed when it sounds. Additional receivers can also be purchased, so that the alarm sounds in multiple rooms when it is activated/
Malem Deluxe Bedwetting Alarm
This alarm plays a recorded message and alarm sound on the first signs of wetting. A familiar voice is very effective at waking up a child.


Smallest bedwetting alarm
It's important that your child is comfortable wearing their bedwetting alarm. The second event in the Bedwetting Alarm Olympics looks at the smallest bedwetting alarms. The winners are...
Malem Audio bedwetting alarm
The Malem Audio bedwetting alarm is the smallest and lightest bedwetting alarm in the world!
Malem Wireless bedwetting alarm
The Malem wireless alarm has a small transmitter unit that attaches to the waistband of your child's underwear. This makes it ideal for children that do not wear a pyjama top or t-shirt to bed.
Malem Ultimate bedwetting alarm
The Malem Ultimate manages to pack in sound AND vibration settings, waking even the deepest sleepers!


Cheapest bedwetting alarm
Bedwetting alarms are a cost effective solution to curing bedwetting. Event 3 in the Bedwetting Alarm Olympics looks at which alarms are best for those looking for the most value. The winners are...
Dry Me Bedwetting Alarm

GOLD: Dry-Me

Now available from The Bedwetting Doctor, the Dry-Me bedwetting alarm offers an affordable solution to bedwetting. At under £50, this alarm offers amazing value for money.
Malem Audio bedwetting alarm

SILVER: Malem Audio (MO3)

The Malem Audio bedwetting alarm is the cheapest alarm in the Malem range. Small, easy to use and efficient, the low cost doesn't hinder its effectiveness!
Malem Ultimate

BRONZE: Malem Ultimate (MO4)

The Malem Ultimate provides the versatility and quality that you expect from Malem bedwetting alarms, at excellent value.


Versatile bedwetting alarms
A versatile bedwetting alarm allows you to use the alarm in a variety of settings, from private bedrooms to shared dormitories. It also enables you to adjust the settings to best suit your child's needs. The winners are...
Malem Ultimate Multi-Choice

GOLD: Malem Ultimate Multi-Choice (MO17)

The Malem Ultimate Multi-Choice is equivalent to 33 alarms in 1! It offers options for 20 melodies, 8 alarm tones, 3 recorded messages and vibration.
Malem Ultimate Selectable bedwetting alarm

SILVER: Malem Ultimate Selectable (MO4S)

The Malem Ultimate Selectable bedwetting alarm lets you choose either single-tone or 8-tone settings as well as sound, sound+vibrate, or vibrate only modes.
Malem Ultimate

BRONZE: Malem Deluxe (MO24)

The Malem Deluxe has single-tone and 8-tone options, which sound alongside a recorded message. It also has a vibration setting, which can be used with or without sound.


Personal bedwetting alarm
The most advanced bedwetting alarms are the most personalisable. Our final event looks at the alarms with the most bespoke settings. These personalised alarm settings can be adapted to suit your child's needs and can be reassuring for them when they are woken in the night. The winners are...
Malem Deluxe bedwetting alarm

GOLD: Malem Deluxe (MO24)

The newest and most bespoke alarm in the Malem range. The alarm allows you to record a personalised message, which plays alongside a chosen (or random - it's your choice!) alarm sound. This is the most effective way of waking a child up when they wet.
Malem Ultimate 1+ record bedwetting alarm

SILVER: Malem Ultimate 1+ Record (MO5)

On the Malem Ultimate 1+ Record bedwetting alarm, you can record either a personalised voice message or favourite piece of music. A familiar voice can be very reassuring way for a child to be woken up when they wet the bed at night.
Malem Bedside bedwetting alarm

BRONZE: Malem Bed-Side (MO6)

The Malem Bed-Side also has a record function, as well as single tone and 8-tone sound settings.