3 Ways To Succeed With A Bedwetting Alarm

Alarms are the most successful long-term cure for bedwetting. To ensure success with the bedwetting alarm, these are some of our top tips...

1. Choose the right alarm

For the alarm to have most impact, it’s important to choose the once that suits your child best. Your child should want to use the alarm you choose and it should wake them up as soon as they wet – choose sound, vibration or record settings depending on what would be most effective for them. A recordable alarm is especially effective for deep sleepers.

We have lots of information on our website about choosing an alarm, including our comparison table, but feel free to e-mail us info [at] thebedwettingdoctor.com if you would like some specific advice.

Choose the right bedwetting alarm

2. Wake up as soon as the alarm sounds

The alarm treatment works by waking the child up as soon as they start wetting. Sometimes it can take a few nights for a child to get used to the alarm, so we recommend that parents help to wake their child up initially when the alarm sounds. It may be helpful to use a parent support pack so that you also wake up, or choose a wireless alarm that forces your child to get out of bed when it sounds if they have a tendency to roll over and go back to sleep!

Wake Up As Soon As The Alarm Sounds

3. Keep track of progress

It’s important to stay motivated throughout the alarm treatment. Keep a progress chart to measure signs of improvement. This can work alongside a rewards system, to encourage your child on their way to dry nights.

Progress Chart

Follow these tips for the best success with your bedwetting alarm. We also have lots of useful advice on our blog or sign up to our e-mails to receive tips directly into your inbox! The Bedwetting Doctor