My child is a deep sleeper

Parents are often concerned that their child cannot be cured of their bedwetting because they are a deep sleeper. This is not the case – with the use of the right alarm and by following The Bedwetting Doctor’s top tips, deep sleepers can become dry at night in the same way as any other child.

The Right Alarm

If your child sleeps deeply, you may think that a bedwetting alarm isn’t very useful as they may sleep through the sound. This would prevent the alarm treatment from working efficiently and so, for deep sleepers, it is essential to select the right bedwetting alarm.

Deep sleeper bedwetting

Sensory Stimuli

Many of the alarms available on the market only sound when activated. However, The Bedwetting Doctor sells a wide range of bedwetting alarms that offer multiple sensory stimuli that can assist in waking up deep sleepers. Instead of choosing an alarm that only sounds when wetting occurs, why not pick an alarm that also vibrates? Other useful features to look for include 8-tone or selectable alarms, which play a different sound each time they are activated and help prevent auditory accommodation. Additionally, the sound of a familiar voice is thought to be particularly effective at waking - by opting for a recordable alarm, you can record a personalised message to help wake up your child when they wet.

Vibrating bedwetting alarm

Help To Wake Up

In addition to choosing the right alarm, we also advise parents to help wake up their child on the first few nights wearing the alarm. It may help to sleep in their room temporarily, or purchase the wireless alarm with an additional receiver that can be placed in your own room. This will ensure that you are also alerted when your child wets so that you can help them wake up and assist them.

Help your deep sleeping child wake up when they wet


So, if your child is a deep sleeper this shouldn’t prevent them from being cured of their bedwetting with a bedwetting alarm. It’s important to make sure that you choose the right alarm, either with multiple sensory stimuli or additional receivers that sound when your child wets. Then, your deep sleeping child can look forward to dry nights like any other child! The Bedwetting Doctor