How to stay motivated on the way to becoming dry at night

The response of children to the bedwetting alarm can vary and different children take a different length of time to become dry at night. The average time to reach dry nights when using a bedwetting alarm is 10.4 weeks, but it can seem frustrating if your child doesn’t become dry instantly! Here are some of our top tips for staying motivated during the bedwetting alarm treatment, because persisting will give your child the best chance of becoming permanently dry at night…

Keep a progress chart

It’s really important to keep a progress chart throughout the bedwetting alarm treatment. A progress chart helps you and your child to see just how well they are doing on their way to dry nights and helps you both to stay motivated. All of the bedwetting alarms sold by The Bedwetting Doctor come with a free progress chart, alternatively you can download your favourite progress chart here.

The Bedwetting Doctor Progress Chart

Measure different signs of success

Make sure that you remember that a completely dry night is not the only measure of success. Other signs of improvement include smaller wet patches, the alarm sounding fewer times in the night and the alarm sounding later in the night – read more about these signs of success here. You may wish to track these changes on your progress chart to stay motivated. These are all signs that you are on the way to dry nights!

The Bedwetting Doctor Rewards


Bedwetting is not a conscious process and so be careful about promising rewards for behaviour that cannot be controlled. Instead, you might want to implement a rewards system for taking action that is positive towards curing bedwetting. This might include going to the toilet before bedtime, not drinking fizzy drinks and drinking enough water during the day. Rewards for these actions don’t need to be big, expensive treats - they can be as simple as being read an extra bedtime story, or an extra star on their progress chart.

The Bedwetting Doctor Success

Remember the end goal

It’s important to keep reminding yourself that the end goal is for your child to be dry. This might be difficult to remember when the alarm wakes you up in the middle of the night, but stay motivated and it will be worthwhile in the end! Download this certificate and let your child know that they can be awarded it when they achieve 14 dry nights in a row. Then you are both clear about what the end goal is and you can both look forward to a future of dry nights!

The Bedwetting Doctor Goals

These tips should help both you and your child to stay motivated during the bedwetting alarm treatment so that you can both enjoy dry nights! Have you had success with a bedwetting alarm? Or are you in the middle of the alarm treatment? Why not share your top tips for staying motivated below? The Bedwetting Doctor