Encouraging your child to wear a bedwetting alarm

Alarm treatment is recommended for children aged 5 if they want to become dry. If they seem disinterested at this age, it may be better to wait a little while until they feel ready to become dry. Once a child reaches the age of 7, if they are not regularly achieving dry nights then guidelines state that they should certainly participate in bedwetting treatment.

Enthusiasm Is Key

For the alarm treatment to be most successful, it is important that your child is enthusiastic to participate in the treatment process. Generally, if a child is upset by their bedwetting, they will be very keen to use an alarm once they realise that it will help them to become dry.

Occasionally, however, a child does not seem bothered by their wetting. This may just be bravado to hide embarrassment, but try to explain to them the importance of being dry and how they can achieve this with the help of an alarm.

Encouraging Your Child To Wear A Bedwetting Alarm

The Right Alarm

To ensure that your child is happy to wear their alarm every night and gets the most out of their treatment, it is important to choose the right alarm to suit their needs.

A wide range of bedwetting alarms are available – choose between a wearable or wireless bedwetting alarm, depending on what they prefer to wear. Then look at features such as sound, vibrate or record depending on what alert system will be most effective at waking them up. Finally, choose an alarm in their favourite colour, which they will enjoy using. There’s lots of information on our website, including this comparison table, to help you choose the right alarm for your child.

Encouraging your child to wear a bedwetting alarm

Motivate & Encourage

Once they are happy wearing their alarm, continue to motivate and encourage them throughout the treatment. Progress charts can be great motivation, especially if stickers are used as a reward incentive! We have lots of ideas on how to stay motivated in this blog post and resources to help with motivation here.

Encouraging your child to wear a bedwetting alarm


Motivation is key to success with a bedwetting alarm. If your child is motivated and enthusiastic to stop bedwetting, they should reach dry nights in no time!  The Bedwetting Doctor