Using a bedwetting alarm for more than 1 child

Not only are alarms the most effective way to cure bedwetting, but they are also the more affordable way to tackle bedwetting when compared to expensive drugs, pull-ups and laundry costs. Additionally, the cost of bedwetting alarms can be further reduced as the same alarm can be used to treat multiple children. This makes bedwetting alarms the obvious treatment choice for health centres and clinics, especially as budgets become more strained.

Made To Last

All Malem alarms stocked by The Bedwetting Doctor have been especially designed to allow hygienic use between multiple children. The alarm unit itself is worn outside clothing (wearable alarms) or on a bedside table (bedside and wireless alarms) and can be used multiple times. In fact, when looked after properly, Malem alarms are so durable and reliable that we have heard of the same alarm units still being in use over a decade later!
One bedwetting sensor per child

One Sensor, One Child

It is, however, important to obey the “once sensor, one child” rule. Clearly, for hygiene reasons, a new, clean alarm sensor should be used for each child using the alarm. This does also have the added benefit that different sensor types can be used for each child to suit their personal preferences – read about the Standard, Easy-Clip and Bed-Mat sensors here. The adaptability of the Malem wearable alarm range means that any of these sensors are compatible, allowing complete flexibility and choice.
Malem bedwetting alarms for multiple children - different bedwetting sensors

Breaking Down The Costs

Given that only a new sensor needs to be purchased for each child using the alarm, this makes a bedwetting alarm a very affordable option for the cure of bedwetting.

Breaking down the costs of bedwetting alarms

The typical cost per child to obtain long-term dryness is approximately (based on 5 children – although an alarm can last longer than this!):

Alarm with sensor & batteries: £76.50

Additional sensors for 4 more children (1 included with initial alarm purchase):

4 x £29.95 = £119.68

Spare batteries (if necessary - batteries should last duration of treatment):

4 x £3.60 = £14.40

TOTAL= £210.58

(£42.12 per child)


In comparison, treatment with DesmoMelts for 5 children (a short-term treatment):

120mg DESMOMELT for first 2 weeks:

120mg, 30-tab pack: £30.34 = £1.01 per tablet

2 weeks: 14 x £1.01=£14.14

240mg DESMOMELT for subsequent 10 weeks :

                              240 mg, 30-tab pack: £60.68 = £2.02 per tablet

10 weeks: 70 x £2.02=£141.40

Total DESMOMELT cost for 12 week treatment period:

£14.14+141.40 = £155.54 per child 

x 5 children

TOTAL: £777.70 

(£155.54 per child)


Clearly bedwetting alarms are the most cost-effective solution for the long-term cure of bedwetting. For just £42 (or less), a child can receive a long-term, sustainable solution to their bedwetting and become dry at night, improving their lifestyle, self-esteem and confidence. The Bedwetting Doctor