What should my child drink?

If your child is using a bedwetting alarm, they should continue to drink lots of fluids to keep their bladder strong and encourage them to go to the toilet regularly in the daytime. But what should they actually be drinking?

Water is best

Water is the best drink for your child to have. The exact amount depends on their age, the weather and their activity levels, but for general guidance see the recommended amounts here.

The Bedwetting Doctor - water

Alternative fluids

If your child finds water a bit plain or struggles to drink the recommended amount, try jazzing it up a bit by adding some fresh or frozen fruit (e.g. slices of orange or some berries) to the glass. Or you could dilute some fruit juice or squash to make their drink a bit more exciting.

The Bedwetting Doctor - drinks

Drinks to avoid

If your child is bedwetting, it’s best to avoid caffeinated drinks, like coffee and cola, which can act as a diuretic (cause increased passing of urine) . Fizzy drinks are also best avoided as they can irritate the bladder. Some people also claim that blackcurrant squash (e.g. Ribena) isn’t ideal for bedwetters.

The Bedwetting Doctor - fizzy drinks


So, not only is it important to make sure that your child drinks enough if they are using a bedwetting alarm, but it’s also important to make sure they are drinking the right fluids. This will help their bladder to become strong and healthy and help them towards beating their night-time bedwetting. The Bedwetting Doctor