Why is it important to cure bedwetting? April 06 2016

Bedwetting is completely normal for children under the age of 5. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that treatment should occur for bedwetting in children aged 5 and over that still wet the bed regularly. There are many reasons why it is important to cure bedwetting…

Emotional Impact

Although it is not their fault, bedwetting often makes children feel ashamed and embarrassed. Many children feel very helpless and frustrated as they have no control over their bedwetting. They feel guilty for wetting the bed and worry that there is something “wrong” with them. Bedwetting has been shown to be the most stressful life event experienced by children aged 8-18 (after divorce & parental fighting).

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Poor School Performance

Bedwetting can have a negative effect on a child’s school performance. Disturbed nights can also be tiring for children, affecting their concentration. 

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Stressful For Parents/Guardians

If your child is wetting the bed frequently, it is both worrying and frustrating for parents. Around two thirds of parents worry about their child's bedwetting. Regularly having to clean bedding is also a strain, as well as costly.

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Avoiding Social Situations

A bedwetter, understandably, wants to avoid certain situations, such as sleepovers or school trips. They will feel as though they are missing out from participating in social events and this often causes bedwetters to further isolate themselves from their peers and avoid social situations.

Why is it important to cure bedwetting

Low Self-Esteem

Bedwetters commonly suffer from low self-esteem. In particular, boys especially find bedwetting more difficult than girls and those that wet the bed more regularly have lower self-esteem. This is at a time when children are particularly image conscious, which is important for their personal development. 

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The good news is that something can be done about bedwetting. By curing bedwetting, these social and emotional factors significantly improve and your child can be dry and happy! The Bedwetting Doctor

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