5 signs of success in becoming dry at night

Bedwetting alarms speed up the natural process of learning to become dry at night. All children will respond differently to bedwetting alarms - some might take weeks to become dry, whilst others might take months.

Progress Pathway

The path to becoming dry at night is a gradual one. It is important to note any signs of progress so that your child can stay motivated. Even small signs of improvement mark successes in the journey to becoming dry at night.

Signs of Success

Some signs that show that your child is responding well to their bedwetting alarm and are on the way to becoming dry at night include….

1. Smaller wet patches

Make a note of how wet the bed is each time the alarm sounds – you may notice the wet area starts to decrease in size as your child starts to hold more fluid in their bladder.

2. Waking to the alarm

At first, you might find that you have to help wake your child when the bedwetting alarm sounds. Over time, your child should start to respond to the alarm sound by themselves. Try different sound and/or vibration combinations (depending on the type of alarm) to find which alert mode works best for your child.

3. Alarm sounding later in the night 

    Record the time the alarm goes off in the night. As your child learns to control their bladder more, you might find that the first occurrence of wetting happens later in the night.

      4. Alarm sounding fewer times per night 

        As your child learns to become dry, you should notice that the alarm sounds fewer times in the night. Record how many times each night the alarm sounds.

        5. Fewer wet nights

        Over time, not only will the alarm sound fewer times per night but you will hopefully start to experience some nights of complete dryness. Now record how many nights per week are “dry” versus how many are “wet”.


        Bedwetting: Signs of success

        Record and Reward

        Remember to record the progress being made. However small the signs might seem, they are all important steps in the process to becoming dry at night. The bedwetting alarms sold by The Bedwetting Doctor all come with a free progress chart, allowing you to easily measure your child’s success and watch them progress towards drier nights. A reward system that marks when certain goals are achieved can also help to motivate your child in this process.


        So, it is important to record any signs of progress. Measure even the smallest successes and keep track of this progress on a chart. You should soon start to see an improvement in your child’s nighttime wetting and be well on the way to becoming completely dry at night. The Bedwetting Doctor