Bedwetting Q&A #1

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Bedwetting Q&A

Q: Will a bedwetting alarm scare my daughter?

A: Our bedwetting alarms have a wide variety of sounds designed for children to wake up to, which means that you can choose a sound that your daughter will like. It's important that your daughter happy with the way in which it wakes her up. Our Malem Ultimate Selectable range let you choose which sound plays when the alarm is activated, so together you could find the alarm sound that she prefers. However, if you are concerned that one of the more "traditional" alarm sounds will scare her, why not try a recordable alarm? These let you record a personal message, which your daughter might find reassuring in the night. Alternatively, our Malem Multi-Choice alarm (as well as letting you record a personal message) also comes with 20 melodies, such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", which your daughter might prefer to be woken by.

Q: Does my child need to wear special pants with their bedwetting alarm?

A: No - all our alarms are designed to be worn with any underwear. This not only means that your child is more comfortable, but also saves on purchasing expensive special underwear. This also makes managing laundry a lot easier! Our popular Easy-Clip sensor clips on the outside of the underwear (for both girls and boys) and so is especially comfortable and easy to use. If your child would prefer not to have anything attached to them, or does not like wearing underwear in bed, our Bed-Mat is placed under the sheet. We want your child to feel as comfortable as possible when wearing their alarm!

Bedwetting Q&A

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