Bedwetting Q&A #3

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Bedwetting Q&A

Q: My 8 year old still wets the bed regularly. Will she grow out of it?

A: All children develop at slightly different rates. In the same way that some children take a bit longer to learn to walk or talk, some children take a bit longer to learn how to stay dry at night. If a child is wetting the bed, and there is no underlying medical reason, it is usually because their brain has not yet developed the ability to tell when their bladder is full when they are asleep. Many children will therefore grow out of this at some point. Having said this, by the time a child reaches the age of 5, and certainly by the age of 7, action should be taken to speed up this linking process in order to reduce any emotional anxiety or social impacts that her bedwetting may have. Now that she is 8 years old, your daughter is most likely wanting to stay over at friends’ houses or go on school trips. Her bedwetting is likely to make these sorts of social interactions harder for her to participate in, which could make her feel isolated and lonely. I suggest that you tackle her bedwetting as soon as you can, to limit the potential emotional impact that this will have on her.

Bedwetting Q&A

Q: Do I need to use a bedwetting alarm for my son? He’s 6 and wets his bed at least 3 or 4 times a week.

A: Bedwetting alarms can be used for children age 5 and over that want to become dry at night. The more regularly they wet the bed, the more effective the alarm treatment. Therefore, it sounds as though a bedwetting alarm would be ideal for your son. Does his bedwetting bother him? Let him know that an alarm will help him and find the bedwetting alarm that he likes best (this alarm is especially popular with younger boys!) and you are likely have good success with the alarm treatment at this stage.

Bedwetting Q&A

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