Explaining the Malem Easy-Clip Sensor July 22 2016

The Malem Easy-Clip sensor is one of the most popular bedwetting sensors for a number of reasons…


The Malem Easy-Clip sensor is designed to be used by boys and girls. One of the greatest advantages of the Easy-Clip sensor is that it is used on a child’s own underwear. This avoids the need to buy special underpants that can only be used with a bedwetting alarm. It also makes the child feel more comfortable wearing their own clothing.

Underwear Malem Easy Clip Sensor


The Malem Easy-Clip sensor attaches very securely onto a child’s own underwear. The unique clip design means that the sensor stays in place, even when a child is moving around whilst they sleep. This ensures that the sensor detects wetting as soon as it occurs.

The secure clip also means that you don’t need additional methods to attach the sensor in place (some alarm sensors require duct tape or having the sensor sewn into the underwear). This means that it couldn’t be easier to attach the Easy-Clip sensor. This is especially appreciated when wetting has occurred in the middle of the night!

Malem Easy-Clip Sensor


The Easy-Clip sensor is designed to quickly detect the very first signs of wetting. The metal contacts are located inside the clip, which helps to prevent the alarm sounding accidently! Because the sensor is held securely in place, this means that the sensor will quickly detect urine as soon as possible. This enables the alarm to sound quickly and for bedwetting to be treated in the most efficient way possible.

Effective Malem Easy Clip Sensor


The cord that connects the sensor to the alarm is designed to “lock” securely into the alarm unit. This means that you don’t have to worry about the sensor and the alarm being disconnected in the night and the alarm not working.

Secure Malem Easy Clip Sensor


Because the sensor is worn on the outside of the underwear, it is very comfortable for both boys and girls to wear. Lots of other bedwetting alarms require the sensor to be worn either inside a pull-up (costly!), inside a sanitary towel (unpopular with boys especially!) or between two pairs of underpants (not very secure or comfortable!)

The Easy-Clip sensor is small and can hardly be felt by the child when it is being worn. Additionally, because of the secure clip design, the sensor stays firmly in place and you don’t have to worry about it sliding around in the night.

Size of Malem Easy Clip Sensor

The Malem Easy-Clip sensor is ideal for an efficient way to treat bedwetting. The Easy-Clip sensor is compatible with ALL Malem wearable alarms (and is also included on the Malem Wireless transmitter). For more information, visit our Easy-Clip Sensor product pageThe Bedwetting Doctor