Keeping a good progress chart

Keeping a progress chart is a key part of the process of becoming dry at night with a bedwetting alarm. You can find out more about why progress charts are important here. Here’s The Bedwetting Doctor’s tips for keeping a good progress chart so that you can maximise its benefits.

Choose a chart your child likes

All the bedwetting alarms sold by The Bedwetting Doctor come with a free progress chart. If you prefer, however, you can print out a free one from our website here. You can choose a pink progress chart or camouflage progress chart, to match your child’s alarms. Or you can make the process more interactive and print out this black & white progress chart, for your child to colour in themselves - this might encourage them to feel extra proud of their progress chart and enjoy filling it in even more. Alternatively, download our popular classic progress chart in The Bedwetting Doctor’s favourite colours!

Bedwetting Progress Charts

Put the chart up in a prominent location

Make sure the chart is somewhere that is easy for your child to see – it could be next to their bed, in the bathroom or on the fridge door. Make a fun event out of the routine of marking it each morning.

Bedwetting Progress Chart

Use a reward system

A tick on the progress chart might be enough of a reward for your child. Another option is to replace ticks with their favourite stickers. A good incentive to encourage your child to become dry is to promise them a reward when they reach a certain number of dry nights. This reward doesn’t have to be big – maybe a trip to the park, a new book, or the football boots they have been saving for. It’s important to remember that your child has no control over their bedwetting and so these reward systems should simply be used to encourage them to make progress. It’s important not to punish them for any wet nights.
Bedwetting progress charts


Progress charts can really help with motivation. By keeping a good progress chart, you and your child will see how well they are doing on their way to reaching dry nights. The Bedwetting Doctor