Who can I talk to about bedwetting?

Because many people can be embarrassed to discuss bedwetting, it can be difficult to know who to get help from and who to talk to. This means that children and parents often feel as though they are the only ones suffering from bedwetting, but it is actually very common. Here’s our guide to some helpful people that you might choose to talk to about bedwetting…

School Nurse

School nurses are great people to chat to about bedwetting - they have loads of information to share, are very good at listening to your concerns, and can refer you to enuresis clinics (see below). Make sure you find out who your school nurse is and arrange to see them if you want to talk to someone about bedwetting.

School Nurse - Bedwetting

GP/Practice Nurse

You can also pop into your GP surgery to discuss your child’s bedwetting with a GP or practice nurse. Explain your child’s symptoms (how often they wet they bed, if they’ve ever been dry at night, their daytime toilet habits etc) and remember to tell them if your child is suffering from any other symptoms that may be related to their bedwetting. Lots of people don’t realise that bedwetting can be cured and so they don’t think they should visit a doctor, but if you explain your symptoms a GP/nurse can determine the best course of action. You can even be prescribed a bedwetting alarm on the NHS!

GP - Bedwetting

Enuresis Clinic

Depending on where you live, most areas have a regular enuresis (bedwetting) clinic. Usually you need to be referred to this clinic by your school nurse, a health visitor or a GP (see above). The enuresis clinic will have loads of information about bedwetting and can help monitor your child’s progress on their way to becoming dry.

Enuresis clinic - bedwetting


ERIC is short for “Education and Resources for Improving Child Continence”. It’s a fantastic charity that promotes awareness and educations people about children’s bladder (and bowel) issues. Visit the ERIC website www.eric.org.uk or call their helpline 0845 370 8008 (calls cost 9.6p/min + service provider charge) to chat to one of their friendly advisors about your child’s bedwetting and get lots of help and advice.

ERIC - bedwetting

The Bedwetting Doctor

Finally, don’t forget that you can contact us at The Bedwetting Doctor! We have lots of information on our website, and especially our blog, where we regularly post tips, advice and general information about bedwetting. You can also sign up to our free e-mails, where you can receive regular tips and advice about bedwetting. If you are unsure if a bedwetting alarm is right for your child, or you’re having trouble deciding which one to choose, just give us a shout. You can e-mail us at info@thebedwettingdoctor.com and you can also find us on Twitter and FacebookThe Bedwetting Doctor

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