Are you ready for school?

It’s nearly September, which can only mean one thing… back to school! Don’t panic if the summer whizzed by and all those plans to improve your child’s toileting habits or stop their bedwetting over the holidays never happened. We’re here to help!

Being School Ready

Earlier this year, a report by YouGov found that over half of teachers are concerned about children starting school and not being toilet trained. A study found that 70% of primary schools have children starting in nappies.  This can be time consuming for the teachers to deal with (more than a million hours of teaching time is lost each year as teachers spend time cleaning up children after they’ve been to the toilet), as well as affecting your child’s confidence and independence.

Being School Ready

Remembering To Go

Forgetting to go to the toilet is a common problem for children, which can lead to accidents in the classroom, potential bladder infections and discomfort - 43% of children find it difficult to concentrate in class as they are distracted because they haven’t been to the toilet when they needed to. A vibrating reminder watch can be a helpful way to discretely remind your child to use the bathroom at break times, when they may simply forget to go. The watch can be set to alert them to use the toilet at times that suit their daily timetables.

Remembering to go to the toilet

Night Time Wetting

If your child still struggles with night time wetting, this may also have an impact on their school performance, as well as their general wellbeing and self-esteem. The new school term is a great time to start using a bedwetting alarm to tackle their bedwetting. After the disruption of the summer holidays, the start of term is ideal for implementing the routine of the bedwetting alarm treatment - we have lots of information on getting started with a bedwetting alarm on this blog.


Making sure that your child has control of their bladder can have a positive impact on their school life. Make sure that they remember to use the toilet regularly throughout the day, by making the most of break times to empty their bladder and drinking fluids regularly. Tackle their night time wetting to ensure that they feel confident and alert in the day. This will ensure that they are able to make the most of their school day. The Bedwetting Doctor