Bedwetting Q&A #2

Welcome to our second Bedwetting Q&A! 

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Bedwetting Q&A

Q: I'm 16 and I still wet the bed at least twice a week. I feel so embarrassed about it. I can't tell any of my friends and even try to hide my wet sheets from my mum. I've been like this my whole life. Is there anything I can do, or is it too late?

A: First of all, please don’t worry - around 1-2% of teenagers wet their bed regularly, so you are not alone. Assuming that there is no underlying medical cause (please see your GP if you think there may be), as you have never been consistently dry at night it is likely that you have “primary nocturnal enuresis”. This simply means that your brain and bladder are struggling to communicate when you are asleep, which prevents you from waking up when you need the bathroom. A bedwetting alarm can help with this process, by training your brain to wake up when your bladder is full. If you are self-conscious wearing an alarm, you can try one of our more discrete, vibrating alarms.

Bedwetting Q&A

Q: My son isn't that keen on wearing a bedwetting alarm, what should I do?

A: For the alarm treatment to be most effective, it is important that your son actively wants to stop bedwetting. Wait until he is at least 5 years old, and then explain to him the importance in becoming dry at night. If he is motivated to be dry, he is likely to be enthusiastic to wear a bedwetting alarm when he realises that it will help him. Once he is on board with using an alarm, it is key that you choose an alarm that suits him. Have a look at the different alarms available and find the one that he will like wearing and that will be most effective for him. There are lots of colour options, different sound and alert setttings, and body-worn or wireless alarms to choose from - our comparison table might be helpful to compare the different models that we sell at The Bedwetting Doctor. You might also find these blog posts useful. Once you start using the alarm, keep your son’s enthusiasm up by tracking progress on a progress chart and hopefully he will be dry in no time!

Bedwetting Q&A

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